Descensor Engine

Descensor is the real-time procedural world generation engine.

Since 3D models are created automatically by the engine, Descensor worlds can be as big and detailed as required. For instance, you can have a galaxy model, descend down to a planet, approach a continent, a region, a city, enter a building and watch a flower in a sitting-room.

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The worlds are created randomly, but the parameters' constraints and the creation rules ensure that they are still realistic.

Descensor generates the model on-demand and only visible world portions are calculated for each frame. Objects are created at the appropriate level of detail, closer objects are rendered with greater detail.

The engine adapts to the available CPU and memory resources. The detail level is adjusted to ensure a constant frame rate while not exceeding the allotted memory limit.

Descensor provides the landscape for your computer games. It is a game middleware component that integrates smoothly with the rest of your game. It has an Object-Oriented design and is written in portable platform-independent ANSI C++. The world creation engine core is independent of the rendering, therefore it can use different graphics libraries like DirectX or OpenGL.

You can place any objects / characters in the Descensor world. The engine provides connectivity graphs which can be used by Artificial Intelligence modules to move the computer controlled characters (NPCs) in the world.

Simulators, shooters, role-play and other kinds of games can benefit from Descensor. The engine is especially suited for online games because it allows to re-create the same world on each player's machine with minimal bandwidth usage.

Descensor model is dynamically generated and the game can modify the world. That means that if your game requires it, a player could magically change the landscape, create new cities, modify buildings, etc.

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Descensor Editor

Descensor Editor allows customization of the worlds created by the engine. Any object in the world can be selected and edited. All properties are easily editable using the editor's Graphical User Interface.

For instance, you can change the terrain roughness and its maximum height, modify the population of a city, convert a built block into a rustic one, change a building's style, its materials, the roof or balcony type, etc. ... more



Need a landscape 3D model for your prototype?
No problem, Descensor creates one in milliseconds.

Need to send a whole world to a thousand online users?
Send a tiny world description and Descensor will recreate the world in each player's computer.

Need realistic urban landscapes?
Descensor generated models follow urban and architectural common rules, for that reason they look so realistic.

Need to create many different worlds instantly?
Just change the initialisation parameter of the random generator and Descensor will create a new world for you.


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